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PrintCounts . . . because every document matters
Most organizations have no concept of how much they spend on document output. How do you determine the cost—and what causes that cost to increase? Many unseen factors are contributing to the increasing costs of your document output.

PrintCounts offers a suite of services designed to optimize your document production costs and methodologies over time. By directly monitoring a client’s printer network activity, PrintCounts offers a unique, pay-per-print model for in-office printing.

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PrintCounts . . . because every document matters

PrintCounts_ExecPrintCounts helps you gain control of document output     
• Automated trouble/service notification       
• Automated, as-needed, supply ordering
• Automated meter readings
PrintCounts_GuyShufflingPapMaster unseen factors contributing to your document costs
• Employees consider printing "free" 
• Over-purchasing of supplies
• Time wasted supporting or fixing printers
• Inefficient printer network 
• Downtime due to service
• Improper tracking of prints
• Wasted Paper






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