What if…You could take all of your paper documents and turn them into searchable cloud-based digital files simply by scanning them?

Welcome to DEXDOX™, a new and exciting product that makes your documents work for you and lets you get back to running your business. DEXDOX™ - We Capture It All.
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Manufacturer: DEX Imaging

DEXDOX™ . . . We Capture It All.

PrintCounts_ExecDEXDOX™ helps you make your documents work for you     
• Eliminate the ongoing struggle with your paper based filing systems       
• Exceed results from even advanced capture technology, such Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
• Reduce 
the burden of document processing done by you or your employees
DEXDOX ComputerMaster digital document processing with DEXDOX™
• All you do is simply scan your documents, including the ones that other technologies can’t process, from your MFD device
• DEXDOX extracts the critical data fields you specify and provides you with digital versions of the documents
• Increase security by setting the security access level for any user in your company via your own exclusive portal
• Once your documents are online, you can search, retrieve, annotate, email or print them 
• Integrate your document data automatically with the most common software applications
• Maintain offsite backups for critical disaster recovery
• No software to buy, no licenses to maintain - one simple monthly fee gives you complete control





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