Positively Impact Your Business…and the Environment.

Taking responsible measures to reduce paper consumption and conserve energy is not only a way to positively impact the environment, it is a way for businesses to save money as well. Think of all the unnecessary printing that your organization has undoubtedly paid for over time, not to mention the wasted labor costs associated with the hours of manual searching that goes on when someone has misplaced a document or filed a record in the wrong location.


INDEX DataFiles uses OCR word recognition to automatically locate documents based on key words. (You don’t even need to know the exact file name.) Simply type key words into the search field, and all documents matching that description will be queried. DEX Imaging's exclusive, proprietary data management software, INDEX DataFiles, seamlessly integrates with your copiers and printers to help you better manage your workflow, reduce unnecessary printing, and streamline administrative functions. 

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