The DEX Declaration

DEX guarantees emergency service within four hours or less during regular business hours. Our DEXPERTs are trained to respond to your business needs.

The DEX Declaration is our guarantee of service that's fast, reliable and trouble-free. We promise that we will be there within four hours or less during emergencies to repair or maintain your document and imaging equipment when reported during regular business hours, and oftentimes just as fast on nights and weekends.

Friday, 25 April 2014 14:26

How We Do It

DEX Imaging stays ahead by constant focus on core values, such as customer service, community growth and sustainability, and understanding how they benefit the end user. We've created the nation's largest independent dealer of imaging equipment from companies such as Konica, Kyocera and Canon by providing top-flight service, a network of nearby supplies warehouses, and the best personnel to help you alleviate copier and printer woes.

We value the communities we serve and dedicate one-third of our profits to bettering them through charitable contributions and sponsorships in sports, charities and the arts. These build a better world in which we can offer more and better products and services.

One of the strategies we've followed that sets us apart from our competition is our Profit Sharing Program, which awards bonuses to all DEX employees who achieve a high level of excellence each year. This has helped propel us to a position of strength because it: 

a) ensures that customers are getting the very best service possible;

b) keeps our employee turn-over to a minimum;

c) makes for a productive work environment, companywide.