The DEX Declaration

DEX guarantees emergency service within four hours or less during regular business hours. Our DEXPERTs are trained to respond to your business needs.

The DEX Declaration is our guarantee of service that's fast, reliable and trouble-free. We promise that we will be there within four hours or less during emergencies to repair or maintain your document and imaging equipment when reported during regular business hours, and oftentimes just as fast on nights and weekends.

Friday, 25 April 2014 14:27

How Our Customers Benefit

1) Continuity: DEX has the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry. Many of our sales, admin and service personnel have been with the company since its inception, which means that there is a legacy of performance excellence that customers experience first-hand.


2) Certified DEXPERT Training: DEX' training program goes far beyond the basics. Our certified DEXPERTs develop their skill, knowledge and expertise through a rigorous and comprehensive training program. Technicians and systems engineers must know how to repair and service ALL makes and models of equipment and software, not just the brands we sell. This gives our customers the option of having ONE vendor, DEX, to service ALL of their document imaging assets.


3) DEX has a company-wide technology help-desk, which gives online & telephone support to customers who don’t need a service call, but have technical questions that need to be answered immediately.

4) DEX' proprietary document management software (INDEX) gives­ customers added control over their document imaging assets, intellectual property and workflow processes.


5) DEX' Managed Print Program (PrintCounts) helps customers control operating costs and leverage efficiencies related to document output.


6) As a privately-held company, DEX is able to focus solely on quality service without the conflicting interests that publicly-held, international companies face.


7) Our regionalized warehouses are fully-stocked with parts & supplies so that we are not dependent on our manufacturing Partners for service support.