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Monday, 03 August 2015 16:43

DEX Imaging supercharges its sales force with Surface Pro 3


Last year, we deployed Microsoft Surface Pro 3 devices and a custom Windows 8 app to its entire sales staff, enabling VPN accessibility from anywhere and reducing sales cycles from 20-plus days to less than a week. “Since we sell the latest technology, our customers expect us to be cutting edge,” says Dan Doyle Jr., CEO at DEX Imaging. “So, we wanted to equip our people with the latest and greatest in technology.”


Chief Information Officer Patrick Adesso investigated all types of devices, looking for suitable battery life, durability, and VPN connectivity for sales reps who often complete deals standing next to a copier. Once he saw the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, he knew that he’d found the perfect solution. “Any company that truly does their homework will see that Surface is the right device for them.”


By transforming its sales process from a paper-based workflow into a digital process, Dex Imaging moved closer to its goal of reducing sales cycle time and improving customer satisfaction rates. The company replaced its paper documentation process by incorporating a custom Windows 8 app with the Surface Pro 3 devices, which were provided to all 170 sales reps. The Surface devices, along with the new application and VPN connection to the corporate network, gives DEX Imaging salespeople access to everything they need from the road.


To add to sales team’s productivity gains, the company plans to equip service reps with Surface devices - at DEX, we don't just sell technology, we use it to save you trouble, time and money.